Ovations to Cura’s direction. That’s in recognition to the first work of José Cura—one of the greatest opera singers, conductors and composers of nowadays— as stage director.
— Vjesnik
Ovations for La commedia e finita. The spectacular is the brainchild of José Cura, with Cura himself in the triple role of director (his debut), set designer and singer, even playwright. [The results] testify to the many-sided, multi-talented personality of the Argentine artist whose generous, exuberant and imaginative nature is reflected in the show he created and developed that is both complex and replete with facets and which has a direct and intense impact on the audience.
— La Voce del Popolo
This was a great success for the first directorial effort by the internationally renowned tenor. Cura, in his début as a stage director, created a new way of thinking about Pagliacci. During two weeks of unflagging work as director, set designer, writer, singer, and also as actor performing his self-written monologue, Cura gave his extraordinary passion, energy and enthusiasm to this show.
— Juntarji List