My first product is in iTunes!

Go the iTunes store, type "jose cura dvorak” and you will have access to the Love Songs’ Album.

Why Dvorak’s Love Songs? 

Why a song cycle recorded in 2003 and not something new?

Reason 1: In 2004, as part of a Centennial Tribute to Dvorak, I have produced an album with the Love Songs and the 9º symphony, but this album was for a private release and never reached the big marked. 

Reason 2: It is the beginning of my commercial relationship with digital platforms and I need to see how it goes. So for that, I prefer to “test” the system with an existing recording, rather than exposing a brand new one in case things don’t proceed as I expect.

Reason 3 (for those who could grab the original album): This release is a REMIX, a “Director’s mix” of the sound (like the movie’s director’s cuts), in which this songs finally sound as I wanted. The release is in a stunning 24 BITS - 96 HERZ cristal sound definition!

Reason 4: The release (only the iTunes' one) includes a booklet (very rare in online releases), with a brief introduction not only in some of the European principal languages, but also in Japanese, Arab, Chinese… plus the text of all songs in English.


We need to let everyone know that Cura is back in the recording business, astonishing the dealers by buying as many albums as possible!

For that reason, I have strongly insisted in the special PRICE DEAL of the product: a stunning €3,99 launching offer for the whole album, instead of the €6,99 proposed by the platform.

Once more, just go the iTunes store, type "jose cura dvorak” and go for it!

Please, pass on this information to everyone you know, spread it like fire, make it, as they say nowadays, VIRAL.


Peace & Love