Interview for ZENE

  • It will be a special evening on 21 February at Budapest Sportarena in Hungary. How well do you know career of Mahó Andrea and Miller Zoltán, who you will perform with? What do you think about them?


I have been invited mrs Mahó’s as a guest of honor in her concert. Of course, before accepting, I have informed myself about her professionalism and I was very nicely surprise with this very talented young lady. 


  • You are a honorary citizen of a Hungarian city, Veszprém since 2004. What do you think about that city, about Hungary at all and Hungarian people? What do you feel about visit to Hungary?


My souvenirs of the beautiful city of Vesprém are great. I did there two wonderful concerts, on of them with Zoltan Kocsis both playing the piano and conducting. I wish I could return one day not so far from now: after all, I am a “citizen”!


  • What can expect audience in Hungary? What will be your program of the show at the Budapest Sportaréna?


As a guest in a pop concert, I will not sing many opera arias. Just a couple of very famous ones. The rest of the program will be “pop classics”, some in solo and some in duos. I will also sing two beautiful latino romantic songs of the type of songs that usually Luis Miguel sings, so that you understand the style I am talking about


  • Recently came a very sad news that your singing teacher has died. RIP Horacio Amauri. What he meant to you? What can you thank for him?


A good teacher means a lot for every person. If we could “dig” inside our memories, each of us could discover a time, or a moment in which a teacher (school, university, etc) has marked your life. Horacio was that kind of teacher. I will always be grateful to him for having put me in the right direction to understand my voice.


  • You had a lot of roles in countless plays and operas. What role are you most proud of?


Hove you got kids? If so, who of them do you love the most?…


  • Do you have any dream role, what do you want to play? Or any other wish, what has not come true on the stage or in the private life?


My dream is to do straight theater and also a movie. Acting have always been the characteristic that made me different in the opera business and I would love to perform as “just” an actor one day!


  • What do you think, these days' accelerated, modern world has got future of the classic music genre like opera?


Oh, if it is only about the “acceleration” I would be too worried. We all need time to “pause” and that will never change. On the contrary, what worries me is the actual escalation of hate and violence, of injustice and corruption, that is devastating the society roots. If we don’t do something urgently, having or not having classic art will not be of any importance.


  • Young people want fame and of course a lot of money fast and immediately, with help of the music industry. The most simple way to reach it maybe pop music. Who do you advice for the more difficult, maybe less popular but definitely more valuable world of the opera to choose instead of get money fast and relatively “easy”?


Famous and great are not synonyms. It is way too easy to be famous today, it is not a challenge anymore. What is getting more and more difficult is to be “great”… Fame, is a “momentum” status more or less easy to achieve if you are in the right hands, or if you are smart enough with media. Just upload a certain type of video in youtube and see what happens… But Greatness, with capital G, that one needs years and years of hard work and patience. 


  • You have a beautiful big family with a wife and three children. How do you imagine your children's future? Will be music in that?


My children future is, at least today, already in the make. God knows what will happen in the future, but as per today, my eldest got married two years ago and lives in London with his wife. Both are professional actors. The middle one is studying photography and the youngest Mathematics an Physics.


  • What is your aim, what is your message with your act as singer, conductor, teacher or as any other role of your life?


I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my Angelo album (1998): “If my art succeeds in planting the seed of peace within man’s heart so that it may grow there, then my life will have had some meaning.”