Cura masters the director’s craft.
— Rheinpfalz
As If Made For Film…
… Outstanding…
— OperaPoint
Two extremely worthwhile hours of viewing…
— Der Neue Merker
It has been one of the rare opera evenings that are etched on one’s memory and you won’t forget for your whole life.
— Der Operfreund
José Cura, an artist who creates and crafts an integrated, total work of art.
— Merkur
The exceptional project lent wings to the ensemble and created an artistic result that would do credit to any international operatic stage.
— Opernglas
Cura’s concept for the stage seems perfect for a conversion into film; the suggestive scenery makes a strong impression also on the TV screen. And the interminable cycle of the oppression of one people by another in the name of God, which in turn results in equally brutal methods of the freedom fighters, comes across as even more poignant due to the detailed views and close-ups. Lucidly staged, the hope for a peaceful future, which the director sees in the attitudes and actions of the children, comes to light beautifully. That one of the visually most impressive productions of the Badische Staatstheater has been captured on DVD, is certainly to be welcomed; after all, it provides evidence beyond the House of its high level of performance.
It is not exactly often that this work by French composer Camille Saint-Saens can be found on the opera stages of German-speaking countries. Two years ago, José Cura staged the composer’s opera “Samson and Dalila” for the Badische Staatstheater Karlsruhe. It is a production which received a great deal of attention and which Cuibar, his marketing company, is now presenting as a DVD by way of the Arthaus Music Label. Cura himself also takes the responsibility for the film. It is certainly out of the ordinary. The camera is always close to the action on stage. And it shows neither Jochem Hochstembach, the conductor, nor the orchestra — not even the audience. And the applause was not recorded either. Instead, a music film was created —no less breathtaking than the mis-en-scène itself.
— Der Neue Merker