A roaring success.
— Financial Times
The result is a wholly engaging performance, basically conventional but fresh with the Nordic setting and the revamped characters. There are many comical moments in the original and Cura never underplays them. This Bohème is grossly entertaining and there were laughter and giggles a-plenty during the premiere evening but the love-scenes and the tragedy, sketched in act III and culminating with Mimi’s death were indeed heartrending and many a tear was shed during the finale.
— Seen and Heard International
In José Cura´s charming direction trick they all go through the well-known sorrowful stage fate. And not only the innovative central theme where caused under the influence of the Argentinean – also the stage set that was contemplative put into a nutshell, the historically accurate costumes, the mask as well as the light.
— Opernglas
The “Scandinavian” Bohème is a beautiful version, good looking, touching, and professional.
— Kulturbloggen
The show was hailed with standing ovations
— Gotlands Tidningar
A terrifically pleasant experience!
— Eskilstuna Kuriren
… An honest artistic success.
— DT
It was a very fine opera experience and perhaps what explains the successful premiere is that one man, José Cura, was primary responsible for the directing, costumes, staging and lighting. His interpretation makes it easier to understand the story of the Bohemians, not least through a clear directorial effort. There was a standing ovation and it was only right and proper and well deserved!
— Operalogg
One of the best sets that I have experienced over the years. Cura’s interpretation makes it easier to understand the story of the bohemians, through a clear directing work. There was a very much deserved standing ovation!
— Operalogg
Nordic bohemians convinces with vocal splendor.  It is imaginative, with good humor and much charm.
— SvD
… An elegant transfer from the quarters in Paris to the Old Town…
— Expressen